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HealthCare Associates Committed To HIPAA Compliance

HealthCare Associates, Inc. (HCA), a leading provider of revenue cycle management solutions for hospitals and healthcare providers of all sizes, is committed to upholding the rigorous safety standards of The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Since 1996, HIPAA has stood as one of the beacons of consumer privacy and protection in the healthcare industry and since HCA’s founding in 2008, we have been focused on protecting and securing our customers’ data as we help them navigate through the industry. 

“HIPAA is healthcare’s guiding principle and HCA has focused heavily on protecting our consumers as we help them achieve their goals and objectives,” says HCA President Mary Arthur. “With a combined 235 years of experience in patient accounting, HCA’s management team has developed a reputation for excellence and we are proud to set the bar high with our standards that exceed client and consumer expectations.”

A Deep Understanding Of HIPAA

HIPAA does the following:

  • Provides the ability to transfer and continue health insurance coverage when they change or lose their jobs
  • Reduces health care fraud and abuse
  • Mandates industry-wide health care information standards for electronic billing and other processes
  • And requires the protection and confidential handling of protected health information

At HCA, we’ve worked tirelessly to meet the protection and confidential handling of health information practices HIPAA provides. We have developed and followed procedures that ensure the confidentiality and security of protected health information when it is transferred, received, handled, or shared to safeguard that only the minimum health information necessary to conduct business is to be used or shared.

The HCA Difference

HealthCare Associates employs a patient-centered approach to protect our client’s reputations and deliver the highest quality customer service. This approach has not only ensured that HCA remains committed to remaining compliant with HIPAA but also that we can preserve our patient relationships and drive revenue for our healthcare partners. We constantly strive to improve our processes and procedures to ensure maximum compliance with privacy laws, all pertinent rules and regulations, and client guidelines. 

Guiding Customer Needs And Security

HCA specializes in the complex worlds of both the accounts receivable management (ARM) and healthcare industries. The HCA difference comes from our extensively trained and experienced team. While many outsourced vendors are staffed by individuals with no prior experience and minimal training, we require every call center employee to have prior hospital or physician office experience. HealthCare Associates Inc. has developed a reputation for excellence and our compliant and dedicated staff highlight how HCA focuses on providing not only the best consumer experience but also the best client experience. 

At HCA, our management team’s experience combined with our excellently trained staff means that we can provide HIPAA-guided compliant services for our clients. Consumer protection is at the forefront of both the ARM and healthcare industry, and our team of experts can secure consumer information while providing the best means for account servicing solutions. 

Learn More Online

For more information on how HealthCare Associates remains compliant with HIPAA laws, visit our website at hcabilling.com. To learn about the different services HCA provides for our clients, check out our special projects page

About HealthCare Associates

Founded in 1994, HealthCare Associates, Inc. is a leading provider of revenue cycle management solutions for hospitals and healthcare providers of all sizes. We have a deep understanding of the complex needs of healthcare facilities and their patients. Our fully customized solutions meet each client’s unique needs and keep each organization running at optimum efficiency. HCA is located in Alexandria, VA.

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