HealthCare Associates Inc.’s Insurance Billing Solutions

HCA has comprehensive revenue cycle solutions that include insurance billing and follow-up services

Maximizing Revenue Opportunities

We find opportunities to collect revenue from insurance companies instead of consumers. The HealthCare Associates team has a deep understanding of the intricate steps involved with insurance processing, including the nuances of billing. Our compliance controls ensure that we maintain a strict adherence to the processes and procedures that will keep you in compliance while driving increased revenue for your healthcare facility or physician practice.

Guiding Consumers

We require each of our team members to have previous patient experience in a facility or physician practice. In combination with our extensive training, this gives them a detailed knowledge of medical practice billing and how to provide guidance to consumers to reduce their expenses. Through our patient-centric approach, HCA works together with patients to achieve appropriate resolutions that maintain relationships while increasing payments.

Avoid Billing Headaches

With previous experience working for healthcare providers, our team understands the complex scenarios associated with insurance claims submissions and follow-up. Incorrect information can lead to delays, denials, and frustrated patients. We can help you avoid billing disasters. Outsource with HealthCare Associates and leverage our experience and knowledge to optimize your billing processes and create immediate cash flow.

Leverage our experienced team to capture the cash that you’re owed.