HealthCare Associates, Inc. Early Out Service

HCA Delivers proven results for healthcare providers services that are specific to the needs of your organization.

Protecting Your Brand

The HealthCare Associates call center is staffed with highly-trained professionals who understand the value of your reputation and the responsibility of acting as an extension of your brand. Each of our team members are required to have previous patient experience in a facility or physician practice, enabling them to work together with patients to achieve appropriate resolutions that preserve relationships while increasing payments.

Healthcare Specific Training

Each of our employees participates in extensive HIPAA training to ensure their understanding of privacy and security and to safeguard your reputation. Regulations and rules are ever-evolving and we provide the ongoing training and development that keeps our staff at the forefront of compliance. Outsource as early as day one and allow our highly effective and professional team to create a more predictable cash flow from your accounts receivable.

Extension of Your Business

HealthCare Associates acts as an extension of your business office by integrating into existing technology platforms and operating under your brand. Whether your healthcare facility or physician practice requires short term or long term revenue cycle support, we customize our processes, solutions, and timelines to meet the specific needs of your business. Keep your focus on your patients and delivering exceptional patient care by outsourcing your early out needs to our experienced and professional team.

We can help you as early as day one to increase your revenue without draining your internal resources.