Special Projects

HCA can create customized solutions that meet your organization’s specific needs

Customized Revenue Cycle Projects

Special projects require a high degree of experience and knowledge of processes to ensure regulatory compliance and patient satisfaction. Our team has an extensive performance history of assisting medical providers with revenue cycle management projects that include system conversions, self-pay/early out projects, specific carrier intervention projects, filing of appeals on rejected claims, and more.

Our Services

The HCA team acts as an extension of your brand by integrating into your existing systems. By accessing your platform directly, we become a part of your processes. Whether the length of your project is short term or long term, we can create just the right solution that helps you achieve your business goals. Increase your cash flow by outsourcing services such as:

  • Legacy Computer Conversion Projects
  • Reminder call/letter service
  • Insurance development, including verification and billing
  • Referrals to internal contacts for financial assistance
  • Payment plan setup and monitoring

Diligently Working Toward Resolution

HealthCare Associates Inc. works accounts until they are either paid in full, determined to be a contractual write-off, or the patient responsibility. We partner with your team to ensure the preservation of patient relationships and the continuity of services by allowing you to maintain your focus on your core business and the continued care of your patients. By outsourcing your special projects to HCA, you can avoid diverting precious resources to tasks and projects that may have a lower ROI. HCA’s revenue cycle solutions exceed expectations to deliver the compliance, performance, and bottom-line results our clients need.

Let us customize a solution that meets your specific needs.