HealthCare Associates, Inc. Provides Customized Outsourced Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Outsourced revenue cycle management solutions that drive revenue and customer satisfaction

Early Out

Outsource as early as day one to maintain patient relationships while creating a more predictable cash flow….
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Insurance Billing

Drive revenue with our insurance claims submissions and follow-up services…
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Special Projects

Medical providers leverage our experience for success with revenue cycle management projects..
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Why Outsource

HCA helps you maximize internal resources, increase compliance, and improve your bottom line..
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Who We Are

HealthCare Associates, Inc. (HCA) is a leading provider of fully-customized revenue cycle management solutions that include early out, insurance billing,and special projects services for hospitals and healthcare providers. We are proud to partner with providers of all sizes including top research hospitals, specialty groups, local, and county hospitals. Our highly-trained and experienced team is the cornerstone of our customer service. We make the repayment process clear for patients, and understand that our success comes from the achievement of our clients’ goals and objectives.

What We Do for Medical Providers

HCA creates fully customized solutions that meet your organization’s specific needs and keep operations running at optimum efficiency. We service a wide variety of clients with varied products, including self-pay/early out projects, specific carrier intervention projects, insurance billing, and more. The successful recovery of your accounts receivable is critical for your cash flow and we understand the value of your reputation and the trust that patients have in your services. Our team employs a patient-centered approach to protect our clients’ brands and deliver the highest quality customer service that preserves patient relationships and drives revenue for our healthcare partners.

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions that Drive Results

Our timely and respectful recovery solutions deliver consistently better performance than our competitors while increasing patient loyalty. Allow your staff to stay focused on important tasks that require their attention by outsourcing to HealthCare Associates, Inc. Reduce overhead expenses and streamline operations while maintaining a strict adherence to compliance standards and privacy regulations without compromising your quality of patient care through our comprehensive revenue cycle solutions.


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Our outsourced services can help you increase business capacity while achieving ROI goals.